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When will they arrive to do my job or quote?
A: Due to weather, equipment , traffic, larger sites, multiple sites, and other factors it is difficult for us to pinpoint a time both for JOBS and QUOTES. We do, however, call when we are on our way to site in BOTH circumstances, giving the customer some lead time.
What is the difference between an Arborist and a ISA Certified Arborist?
A: We have provided a breakdown that highlights the differences here
How much will my tree cost?
A: There are many factors we, as Arborists, need to consider when determining a price of a tree. For example, size, potential hazards, access, and technicality. Remember: Estimates are always FREE!
How long will it take to book?
A: It depends on the time of year and availability. It can be next day or to up to 2+ weeks.
Should I keep the firewood or dispose of it?
A: It makes good economical and environmental sense to keep your firewood. We cut up the main stems and trunk into approximate 1-1.5 ft lengths and stack them at the base of the tree, FREE of charge for you.
Do you take away/chip the branches when you remove or prune a tree?
A: Yes. Absolutely. This is included in all of our quotes. We take away any branches/brush associated with the tree being quoted, and we ensure we clean up our mess.
What does “cut to grade” mean?
A: This means we cut the tree as flush to the ground as possible. Some trees can be cut flusher than others, depending on size and diameter.
What does F/Y, S/Y and B/Y mean on my quotation?
A: These are abbreviations we use. They stand for Front Yard, Side Yard and Back Yard.
Does my tree quote have any expiry date?
A: Yes, tree quotations are valid for 6 months from the original date of assessment. There may be exceptions/extensions. This is ultimately up to management.
What is done with the mulch/debris from the stump grinding?
A: It is industry standard to leave all the mulch/shredding on site. The hole produced by the grinding is backfilled as much as possible with the mulch and left on site. Helpful hint: Mulch is great for your soil and plants!
How do I prepare for Stump Grinding?
A: 1. 35 Inches in Width Minimum Gate Clearance needed.
2. Stump Grinding Machine is 9 feet long
3. Corners after gate may pose a problem for maneuverability for the machine. If there are slopes/sidewalks etc.-Ramps required
4. Fence may need to be taken out for access, as required.
5. All Mulch from stump grinding is left on site and the hole produced is backfilled with this Mulch.
6. We grind approx. 12-14 inches below grade
7. If the stump is close to the house/lines, there is limited access.
8. Additional work may be required and additional fees may apply.
9. The stump grinder requires 1.5 ft clearance from building or structure to accommodate safety bar. Alberta One Call must be called prior to grinding. Helpful hint: Mulch is great for your soil and plants!